• Travelling - it gives you home in a thousand strange places, then leaves you a stranger in your own land

    Ibn Battuta, Moroccan traveller



My name is Richard and I’m a media, aviation and travel specialist living in East London just to the south of the Olympic Park. I left the Midlands on a bee-line for London way back when, to get a degree, and stayed.


I worked at East Midlands, Gatwick and Heathrow for some years, and wound up on the travel desk of the Sunday Times for 15 years, where I contributed features, wrote a weekly column on travel advice, and edited the travel briefs. I've freelanced a deal too, contributing to the Sunday Times Travel Magazine, The Express, Daily Mail, Telegraph, Escape in Australia and others.


I co-wrote and presented a documentary film illustrating the positive contribution made to the UK of the Romanian diaspora here, called '13 Shades of Romanian'; worked in a start up environment with Aerial Power offering a unique drone-based solution to the problem of how to keep solar panels clean; and assisted in editing Kaunas' successful European City of Culture 2022 bid.


I’m currently working for Transfer Rapid, a Romanian money transfer company, assisting with its ‘Customer Experience and Business Growth’, and for the Case Management company Northern Lifetime as its Communications Manager.


I’ve built and populated several websites, not including this one which was deftly executed by Jon Laurie, and post on Instagram @eastlondoncool.


Feel free to drop me a line at richard.green@mybathroomwall.co.uk if you have any questions, or indeed if you've a project/role that you need some help with.


World map showing the air routes I've flown and the places I've visited. Photo My Bathroom Wall


I lived in Los Angeles as a youngster, taught English in the Indian Himalaya after uni, and have been travelling ever since. The above picture is a world map showing where I’ve been - with black cotton indicating flight routes.


I’ve totted up 142 countries visited and 129 airlines flown on, so far, and the idea for mybathroomwall.co.uk came from my actual bathroom wall, below, which is strewn with framed photos of friends and fascinations.



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