• Science is a way of thinking much more than it is a body of knowledge

    Carl Sagan, American astronomer


I'm based in London and spent a career in journalism, marketing and aviation. I worked on the travel desk of the Sunday Times in London for 15 years, where I contributed features, wrote a weekly column on travel advice, and edited the travel briefs. Since then I've been freelancing and have contributed to publications including the Sunday Times Travel Magazine, The Express, Daily Mail, Telegraph, ABTA magazine, Sainsbury's Magazine, and Escape in Australia.   

Amongst other things, I co-wrote and presented a documentary film highlighting the lives of the Romanian diaspora in the UK, called '13 Shades of Romanian'. That was working with the tip top team at the video production company, This is Insomnia. I've experience in the start up environment through working with Aerial Power - a small innovative company offering a unique drone-based solution to the problem of how to keep solar panels clean and therefore efficient.

Having travelled to 142 countries - and counting - I keep up connections with several overseas organisations. In Lithuania for example, this has led to me assisting in editing Kaunas' succesful European City of Culture 2022 bid, and giving a talk and producing a paper to the country's western municipalities on increasing inbound tourism to the coastal region of Lithuania.

Before that I've worked for British Midland Airways, Servisair, and GB Airways in the aviation sector, and sold travel at Trailfinders for a spell. While at Post Office Counters Ltd I was customer service manager for the in-house Active Life magazine and negotiated the national distribution contract.
These days I freelance and  post on here and on Instagram @eastlondoncool.

My world map, showing the air routes I've flown and the places I've visited. Photo My Bathroom Wall

I suppose most things for me start with travel. I lived in Los Angeles as a youngster, taught English in the Indian Himalaya, and have been travelling ever since. The above picture is my world map, showing the places I've been to so far, with black cotton indicating flight routes.

I make it 142 countries visited and 129 airlines flown on, but the number of countries is contentious of course, as it's tricky to decide which places are countries and which only territories etc.

What isn't in doubt though is my enthusiasm for travel. I keep abreast of travel news, write and give semiars about travel.


As for where the idea for mybathroomwall.co.uk came from; that is easily answered. The picture below is the real wall - strewn with framed photos that reflect my friends and interests.


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