The writing's on My Bathroom Wall - March 14th travel news

33 Iran Air gets new planes, at last
American-lead sanctions meant that Iran Air was restricted in what new aircraft it could buy – practically none in fact - and importantly too, in the spare parts it could get hold of in order to keep its aged fleet flying. I steered clear of flying Iran Air for this reason, but a new 100 plane order means that the carrier will at last have some new jets. The new A330 was the first widebodied jet delivered as part of the Airbus order.  Iran Air
33 UK's FCO lifts travel ban for Lamu Island
Both are best reached via the Manda Airstrip, served by Air Kenya, Safarilink, Fly 540 and Jambojet from Nairobi, and Mombasa Air Safari from Mombasa. So the unspoilt coastline, and UNESCO World Heritage Site of Lamu Old Town are back on the radar.  See the FCO advice for Kenya, and Visit Kenya
First ever Bangladesh call by a cruise liner
Silversea’s Silver Discoverer expedition ship visited Maheshkhali Island - close to Cox’s Bazar in southeast Bangladesh - where passengers were greeted by a fleet of rickshaws and local school kids performing traditional songs. Part of a three- day stopover in Bangladesh on a two-week cruise from Colombo to Kolkata, nearby attractions include Hiron Point, Charaputia, Harbaria, Kokilmon, and the Sundarbans mangrove forest. Silversea has two further Bangladesh calls this year. Silver Sea
33 New swim-up-to-suites open in the Caribbean
Long since daydreaming material for holiday makers thinking of going to the Maldives or Tahiti, until now there haven’t been any seriously upmarket over water villas on a Caribbean Island. Sandals
34 Eight bodies of Bahamian swimming pigs found on beach
The self-plunging pigs of Big Major Cay have been a tourist attraction and pin ups for the tourist board for years, but eight of the animals have recently been found dead. Once again it is the indirect affects of tourism that has done for the phenomenon; as visitors have been throwing treats to them. The food lands in the sand and the pigs ingest too much sand when foraging for them on their beaches, and die. See Tourism Bahamas