Icelandair is at it again; this time converting a plane into a flying glacier...

A special promotional flypast of the Vatnajökull Glacier. Photo Icelandair

Following on from Icelandair's earlier Northern Lights livery, the company has come up with another bold and bonkers design - this time the theme is a glacier. Specifically, a Boeing 757-200 into has been transformed into the Vatnajökull plane, a colourful representation of Iceland's (and Europe's) largest glacier mass.

The natural phenomenon that covers over 8,000 sq km (or about 8% of the country's land area) of the country's southeast with an average thckness of ice of 400 metres. The glacier played Siberia in the opening sequence of the 1985 James Bond film 'A View to a Kill', in which Bond (played for the last time by the late Roger Moore) bumped off a cabal of armed villains, before apparently escaping by submarine to Alaska. The glacier was used as a location for the second season of the HBO fantasy TV series, Game of Thrones too.

Icelandair's glacier liveried 757 at Orlando Airport. Photo Orlando Airport

Each of the Icelandair fleet are named after Icelandic volcanoes and commissioned this special livery as part of its 80th anniversary celebrations for 2017.
The plane was spray painted by hand by a team of artists - the same gang responsible for the Hekla Aurora plane. In case you'd like to know, the process of airbrushing the plane is a specialist task that took 24 days to complete, using 1,062 litres of paint to cover the entire plane.

Skilled spraypaint artists at work on the fuselage. Photo Icelandair
And like the Aurora concept, the new Vatnajökull plane also features touches of glacier detail inside the cabin. Ambient moving LED blue lighting is installed in the main cabin; headrests have a fresh ice white and brilliant turquoise design. Even the drinks trolley will be transformed into a mini ice-cave, while cups, napkins, and yes even sick bags, are decorated with glacier prints.

The cool blues and greens of the aircraft cabin, mimicking the hues of a glacier. Photo Icelandair
The Vatnajökull glacier has three active volcanos under its mantle of ice, and is the most active in Iceland and has erupted around 60 times in the last 100% years. Icelandair has been a supporter of the ‘Friends of Vatnajokull’ since the non-profit organisation was formed in 2009 to support research and educational activities.

The glacier theme even makes an appearance in the toilets. Photo Icelandair

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