Towel folding

Origami with towels. Anteater, Oran Utan, Yoda,

Carnival cruises claims the calumny as theirs, saying that 'It’s been 20 years since Carnival debuted its first towel animal — an industry first that has since been much replicated across the cruise industry'.  And with 10 million Carnival towel animals folded each year, each creation is the culmination of hours of training and creativity from Carnival’s housekeeping staff, who service more than 29,000 staterooms fleetwide

Carnival Cruises, which at the very least popularised the practise, even produced a hardback book called 'Towel Creations' that it sold in all of its onboard gift shops. It is aimed at people who enjoyed being created by xxxx that they return home wanting to sully their own homes by creating their very own 'whimsical terry cloth creatures'. It's  'a helpful how-to guide with step-by-step instructions for creating a veritable zoo of towel origami, everything from frogs, swans and elephants to monkeys, scorpions and rabbits'. God help us all...

But wait, it seems the book providing 'tricks of the trade' is out of print after four editions, and apart from second hand options, is no longer available. That certainly makes me sleep a little easier.