Film making, Solar energy, and editing...

Head of Development: This is Insomnia

'This is Insomnia' is a film, advertising, music video and digital production company based in London. For a taste of our work see This is Insomnia

In the run up to the UK's 2015 general election, anti immigration sentiment was stoked by sections of the media, and Channel 4 broadcast of documentary called 'The Romanians are coming'. It slurred the UK's Romanian community enough for some great Romanian friends to descend on my flat with a video recorder and an understandable grudge.

Dragos Telgas and I filming by the River Thames. Photo 'This is Insomnia'

We recorded a short video message, and went on to crowdfund the making of '13 Shades of Romanian', which I presented and co-wrote. It's been shown on TV in Romania and has won five international awards. 

Head of Marketing/Communication: Aerial Power 

Aerial Power is developing 'Solar Brush', a drone designed to clean solar panels. Our drone is designed to raise the efficiency of solar power production by targetting the desert regions of the world. Sunshine is abundant in these areas, but often labour and water are not; as desert regions tend to be remote and fragile environments away from population centres and fresh water.

Cleaning costs represent up to 60% of plant operational costs in the Rajasthan desert for example, and the alternatives to our drone-based cleaning method are either manual cleaning, or semi-automatized mechanical solutions. The cost of cleaning panels with SolarBrush is a fraction of that with manual cleaning, even when using the device in medium/low wage economies. We calculate savings of up to 80%, based on one drone servicing a 1MW power plant and cleaning each panel every four days.

For more information see Aerial Power

Cultural Ambassador for Kaunas, European City of Culture 2022

I helped edit the 'bid book' (the document that lays out the would-be plans of candidate cities) before it was sent to the EU in Brussels, and assisted with international media strategy and advice. Kaunas won the bid and is Eurpean City of Culture for 2022. For more information see Kaunas 2022